Sadat X & A-F-R-O – Murder Soundtrack

Music Producer Will Tell created a gem with Sadat X when they called upon the legendary Rahzel and a newcomer MC from California, A-F-R-O.

Murder Soundtrack delivers a high impact flow and certifies A-F-R-O with the Golden Era Hip Hop fans.

Sadat X called upon Moving Silence for a dynamic video production. Shot on location in Harlem, New York, this video portrays the famous Frederick Douglass statue located at the ‘Gateway to Harlem’ (110th St. & Frederick Douglass Blvd.).

Shout outs to all the people involved in this video. Special shout out to MC Whiteowl, DJ Bazarro, Will Tell, Sun Bronx, Jahmal Frazier, Marquee, Bernadette Price, Djeka, John McFadden, GrandDaddy IU, Infinite Wiz, Bugd Out, Bronx Ink & Salvador Espinoza.


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Sadat X & A-F-R-O – Murder Soundtrack